Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program

The majority of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, putting them at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. At Concierge Health and Aesthetics primary care physician Leo Kao, MD, offers one of the newest weight loss treatments, Tirzepatide, and pairs it with an amazing plan that will maintain your weight loss for years to come! Book our free assessment with Dr. Kao to start your journey!

Our Comprehensive Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program
6 Week Program

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About Tirzepatide

GLP-1 Receptor Agonism

Appetite Suppression: GLP-1 receptor agonists are known to reduce appetite. They achieve this by acting on the hypothalamus, a region in the brain that regulates appetite. Reduced appetite naturally leads to a decrease in food intake, contributing to weight loss.

Gastric Emptying: GLP-1 receptor agonists can slow down the rate at which the stomach empties. This can lead to a feeling of fullness and, as a result, reduced food intake.

GIP Receptor Agonism: The exact role of GIP in energy metabolism is more complex and not as thoroughly understood as GLP-1. However, GIP is believed to play a role in energy storage, fat metabolism, and possibly satiety. By acting on GIP receptors, tirzepatide might influence these processes in ways that are favorable for weight loss, though the exact mechanisms are still under investigation.

Glycemic Control: Improved blood sugar control can indirectly affect weight. High blood sugar can lead to increased fat storage, while better control can help prevent this.

Direct Effects on Adipose Tissue: Some studies suggest that GLP-1 receptor agonists might have direct effects on fat cells (adipocytes), influencing how they store or burn fat. This could contribute to the weight loss effects seen with these drugs.

It’s essential to understand that while tirzepatide and other GLP-1 receptor agonists have shown weight loss benefits in clinical trials, they’re not primarily designed as weight loss drugs. The weight loss is an added benefit, especially for individuals with type 2 diabetes who often struggle with obesity. Always consult with a healthcare professional when considering any medication for weight loss or any other intended purpose

B12 Complex

Vitamin B12 and the B-complex vitamins are essential nutrients for many processes in the body, including energy production, DNA synthesis, nerve function, and red blood cell formation. However, the idea that vitamin B12 directly causes weight loss is a misconception, and the relationship is more complex.

Here’s a breakdown of the potential indirect associations between B12 and weight:

Energy Production: Vitamin B12, along with other B vitamins, plays a crucial role in converting food into glucose, which the body uses for energy. Proper energy production can enhance one’s ability to be physically active, which can subsequently support weight management.

Red Blood Cell Formation: Vitamin B12 is vital for the formation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. Adequate oxygen supply is essential during exercise and can improve exercise efficiency and stamina.

Mood and Depression: There’s some evidence that B vitamins, including B12, can influence mood regulation and reduce the risk of depression. Depression and mood disorders can lead to changes in appetite and physical activity, which can impact weight. Addressing these issues might indirectly influence weight management.

Metabolic Processes: B vitamins are involved in several metabolic processes in the body. A deficiency in these vitamins could potentially slow down these processes, which might influence weight regulation.