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Your health is crucial to living a great and fulfilling life!

By limiting our services to members, our patients can enjoy many benefits and conveniences that are not typically found in a conventional practice. This includes personalized care, extended office visits, less waiting time, increased access to providers, robust preventative care, and much more. As a hybrid model, we accept most insurances, but patients are responsible for their out-of-pocket expenses, including but not limited to copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

How it works: The patients schedule an initial consultation with one of our doctors. This consultation takes place with one of our doctors. Paperwork is completed, and if needed, test orders are provided by the physician, and the executive physical is scheduled.

Like any other provider, insurance is billed upon rendering service. Any remaining balance becomes the patient’s responsibility. For our patient’s convenience, deductibles, copays, coinsurance, uncovered expenses, and any remaining balances are typically charged to the payment method on file.

Our Convenient Membership Options

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Plans May Include:

✔ Included but only to the extent not covered by Member’s insurance.
⊙ Typically billed to insurance, standard out-of-pocket fees may apply.

[1] Includes up to one visit per month. Additional visits may be added at the provider’s discretion. Fees may apply.
[2] A typical office visit lasts about 30 minutes.
[3] Excluding weekends and holidays based on availability and providing that requests are received before 12 p.m.
[4] Must be staying with Member. Standard office visit fees apply.
[5] 24/7 ability to communicate via phone, text, e-mail, and electronic medical record. The response time will vary, transmission errors may occur, and in no event shall said communication be used for medical emergencies. In an emergency, the Patient is directed to call 911 without delay.
[6] Blood draw (specimen collection) and related phlebotomy services only and to the extent not covered by Member’s insurance. Lab processing cost(s) are excluded, billed separately, and vary by type of test.
[7] Limited and subject to hospitals where your doctor has privileges and to the extent not covered by Member’s insurance. Upon admission, the Patient is responsible for notifying the Practice of a hospital stay.
[8] Optional and additional fees apply.