Vanessa P.

Dr. Kao is a great doctor and make my life much better . I strong encourage everyone in need of a doctor.

Jessica L.

Great experience with Dr. Kao. Very natural conversation and approach about personal health and well-being. Great to meet a doctor that takes this approach. Highly recommend.

Wade P.

I brought my girlfriend in to see Dr K. She speaks very little English he was very attentive and worked through a translator to make sure that she understood everything about the program and the procedure. Would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Catherine F.

Dr Kao spent all the time needed getting to know me as a new patient. What a wonderful difference from the large group practices. He listened to my concerns and was easy to talk to. I highly recommend.

Wende M.

What a breath of fresh air! Dr. Leo Kao is awesome. He takes the time to understand your healthcare background and medical issues. No rush, kind, compassionate and attentive. Direct Care is a win- win for both patient and physician, fostering a great partnership, keeping open communication with better healthcare outcomes . Thank You again Dr. Kao. WendeAnne M. Lakewood Ranch

Oscar B.

I highly recommend Dr Kao! He was helpful, a great communicator, and very time effective. No complaints at all.

Austin L.

Dr. Leo Kao had an easygoing and friendly bedside manner. He made the experience relaxing and was super informative. He followed up with me quickly and provided a bunch of helpful information to keep me healthy. Would strongly recommend! In addition to my personal and health experience, the financial model of direct primary care is the way of the future (and surprisingly the past). It allows the doctor and patient to have a direct, health-focused relationship, without the bureaucracy and inflated costs created by health insurance companies.

Estrellita T.

I had an amazing experience with Dr.kao. Thanks to his knowledge he was able to help me out a lot I will definitely recommend him if you are in the area. I was really surprised on how easy it was to make an appointment and how helpful he was too. Also as I said before he is a great doctor definitely go to his office and check it out!!