Our Concierge Primary Care Approach

Our patients love Concierge Direct Primary Care. How is it different?

At Lakewood Ranch Concierge, we believe in redefining the traditional approach to primary care by offering an enhanced and comprehensive healthcare experience. Our commitment goes beyond just treating symptoms; we are dedicated to understanding and catering to each individual's unique health needs and concerns. The benefits to Lakewood Ranch Concierge are:

1. Physician Consultation: Engage in in-depth discussions with our esteemed physicians to understand and address your medical needs comprehensively.

2. Annual Executive Physical: Receive a thorough medical and wellness review, ensuring that we stay proactive about your health year-round.

3. Prompt Appointments: Skip the long waits with our same-day or next-day appointment scheduling, ensuring timely medical attention.

4. Urgent Care for Loved Ones: We extend our care not just to our members but also offer urgent care visits for friends and family.

5. Virtual Care at Your Fingertips: With telemedicine visits included in our offering, get expert advice no matter where you are.

6. 24/7 Care Provider Access: Health concerns don't follow a 9-5 schedule. With round-the-clock access to a care provider, you're never alone.

7. Onsite Blood Draw Service: Add convenience to routine checks with our weekly onsite blood draw services.

8. Seamless Specialist Coordination: Navigate the complex healthcare system effortlessly as we help coordinate with specialists tailored to your needs.

9. Comprehensive Wellness Programs: Dive deeper into wellness with our array of programs that include physical therapy, training, lifestyle guidance, and nutrition coaching.

10. In-patient Hospital Liaison: Even during hospital stays, stay connected with a Lakewood Ranch Concierge provider, ensuring consistent care and communication.

Contact Lakewood Ranch Concierge for a healthcare journey that prioritizes you at every step.